Violet Lingenfelter

Tidal Wave

Tidal wave is an exploration of NOAA's daily tide high/low projections. By focusing on artistic data visualizations instead of orthodox charts, we can see some of the more subtle patterns.

svelte.js d3.js postcss data visualization

Dialogue of Civilizations Final Project

For the first half of summer in 2019, I went on a Dialogue of Civilizations to India and Nepal. After the program finished, I created a travel photography portfolio website to capture my experience.

TypeScript Gatsby.js photography

Bus Crowding: Ridgeline Plot

As a fun extension of the work I did for my capstone, I developed this visualization method inspired by Joy Division's iconic Unknown Pleasures album cover

D3.js Joy Division Textures.js data visualization

Bus Crowding Explorer

For my senior capstone project I created a new data visualization of crowding on buses at the MBTA. The Bus Crowding Explorer will help service planners identify causes of and solutions to crowding on the bus network.

D3.js PostgreSQL php JavaScript data visualization

Independent GIS Project

As part of my GIS coursework, I analyzed whether public restrooms installed in the city of San Francisco actually had an effect on occurrences of human feces on the streets.

PostGIS Python 311 Data data visualization

S. L. I. D. E.

S.L.I.D.E., or the Street Level Infrastructure Distribution Engine, is a project I completed while on my first co-op at the MBTA with the Office of Performance Management and Innovation. Slide is an equity analysis tool designed to help policy makers decide which bus stops to prioritize for infrastructure upgrades.

transit leaflet.js turf.js ArcGIS jQuery

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